October 2023 Book Recommendations

Colorful leaves, chillier weather, and, of course, some spookiness: fall into fall reading with our list of recommended books this month!

Picture Books

If You Find a Leaf book cover

If You Find a Leaf by Aimee Sicuro by Aimee Sicuro (Grades K-3) 

A young artist draws inspiration from the leaves she collects and every leaf sparks a new idea. She imagines turning a Japanese Zelkova leaf into a boat to sail far away, a Honey Locust leaf into a swing to sway in the gentle breeze, and an American Basswood leaf into a hot air balloon to float high above the trees.

Leif and the Fall book cover

Leif and the Fall by Allison Sweet Grant (Grades PK-2)

Leif is an oak leaf and he has a big problem; he is scared of falling when autumn comes-what if he skins his knee or bumps his head? The other leaves keep explaining that “All leaves fall in the fall.” Luckily, his friend Laurel is kind and tries to help him come up with clever ways of avoiding the impending disaster.

The Leaf Thief - book cover

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming (Grades PK – 3)  

Squirrel loves counting the leaves on his tree–red leaves, gold leaves, orange, and more. But hold on! One of his leaves is missing! On a quest to find the missing leaf, Squirrel teams up with his good friend Bird to discover who among their forest friends the leaf thief could be.

A Spoonful of Frogs

A Spoonful of Frogs by Lyall Casey (Grades PK – 3)  

A witch’s favorite treat is frog soup–it’s healthy and easy to make. To give it that extra kick and a pop of color, the key ingredient is a spoonful of frogs. But how do you keep the frogs on the spoon? They hop, they leap, they hide, and . . .  they escape!

If You Ever Meet a Skeleton - book cover

If You Ever Meet a Skeleton by Rebecca Evans (Grades K – 2)

Skeletons might seem frightening, but actually there’s nothing much to fear. They can’t run fast, they’re terrible at hide-and-seek, and they’re scared of everything. When a group of trick-or-treaters runs into an actual skeleton on an enchanted Halloween night, they try to get away until they learn that the skeleton is just looking for a friend.

Runaway Pumpkins - book cover

Runaway Pumpkins by Teresa Bateman (Grades PK – 2) 

When a faulty bus lock opens on the way back from the school trip to a pumpkin patch, all but one of the pumpkins end up in people’s yards.  The neighbors along the road come up with a plan to turn the pumpkins into treats for the school children.

Acorn Was a Little Wild - book cover

Acorn Was a Little Wild by Jen Arena (PK – 3) 

Despite Oak’s warning about squirrels, Acorn is a fearless and lively little nut, eager to explore his surroundings. The excitement fades when one squirrel attempts to nibble Acorn, who makes a quick escape.  When he is scooped up by another squirrel,  this time Acorn gets buried in the soft, wet ground. Annoyed  that his adventuring has been cut short, Acorn comes to realize that what happens underground is its own kind of special adventure.

It's Fall! - book cover

It’s Fall! By Renee Kurilla (Grades PK – 3) 

Break out your fuzzy socks and cozy scarves! Bring on the doughnuts, cider, and pies! It’s time for corn mazes, trick-or-treating, and all the Thanksgiving food you can eat.… It’s fall!

Spooky (But not TOO Spooky) Chapter Books to Read Aloud or Alone

Rise of the Balloon Goons - book cover

Rise of the Balloon Goons (Notebook Of Doom (Scholastic), Book 1) by Troy Cummings (Grades 1-3) 

Alexander has a new school and town to adjust to–does he really need a mysterious notebook, weird monsters, and vaguely threatening adventures to deal with as well?

The Haunted House Next Door - book cover

The Haunted House Next Door (Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol, Book 1) by Andres Miedoso (Grades K-4)

What happens if you move to a new town and your house is haunted? Andres is about to find out! Andres Miedoso—his last name means “fearful” in Spanish—is “definitely not the coolest and bravest kid in the world.” In fact, Andres likes normal-boring and understands normal-boring, because he is normal-boring. But when his family moves to Kersville, Andres finds out his new home is anything but normal-boring.

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