June 2024 Book Recommendations

Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Read over the Summer:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect– -The more students practice reading, the better they become! As long as reading is difficult, students will avoid it. But the better they get, the more they will enjoy it.
  2. Freedom to Choose– -During the school year, students are often told what to read. The summer is the time when students can choose to read about whatever interests them, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction..
  3. You Don’t Have to Only Read Books!– – although students might have more time for video games, internet and TV during the summer, there are articles they can read online or in magazines about all of these things, which gives them the same practice reading as books do.
  4. Emotional Well-being– -Reading helps students better understand their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in private, and prepares them to express them in healthy ways.
  5. Become an Expert–Learning new skills and information can make a student an “expert” on a particular subject. This gives students self-confidence and builds self-esteem. 
Ice Cream Man book cover

Ice Cream Man: How Augustus Jackson Made a Sweet Treat Better by Glenda Armand (Gr. K-3)  
Augustus Jackson began his life in Philadelphia. After cooking for his family, at age 12 Augustus decided to use his kitchen skills to find work. He applied and was hired at the White House, and by 17 he’d earned the title of Cook and developed a particular expertise: making ice cream for White House guests! Augustus discovered that by adding rock salt to the ice that froze his special treat, he was able to make ice cream in half the time!

Cake vs Pie book cover

Cake vs. Pie! By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (Gr. K-3)
There can only be one favorite dessert…Will it be Cake, the friend who rises to every occasion? Or will Pie’s surprisingly sweet center be the most irresistible? There’s only one way to settle this battle, once and for all – FOOD FIGHT! This book about friendship, rivalry and overcoming jealousy shows how being together is the sweetest thing.

A Flag for Juneteenth book cover

A Flag for Juneteenth by Kim Taylor (Gr. K-3)
On June 19, 1865, in Galveston, Texas,  General Gordon Granger of the Union Army delivered the message that African Americans in Texas were free.This story follows Huldah and her community as they process the news of their freedom and celebrate together by creating a community freedom flag.

Big Papa and the Time Machine book cover

Big Papa and the Time Machine by Daniel Bernstrom (Gr. K-3)
When his grandson announces that he does not want to go to school, Big Papa takes action. Sweeping him up in his “time machine” and together they visit Little Rock and Chicago from the ’40s through the ’80s–all the places where Big Papa grew to be a man. Big Papa gives his grandson a lesson in developing bravery while also teaching him the importance of getting an education.

Hair Love book cover

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry (Gr. K-3)
Little Zuri explains that her hair “kinks, coils, and curls every which way.” Her dad thinks Zuri’s hair is marvelous, no matter what shape it happens to take that day, but some special occasions call for a tidy ‘do. Daddy’s first attempts to style Zuri’s hair go awry—three lopsided puffs, raggedy braids, and full ’70s afro. But soon he figures out something very helpful—there’s a video for that!

Summer a Solstice Story book cover

Summer: A Solstice Story by Kelsey E. Gross (Gr. K-3)
Solstice is here! On the longest day of the year, friends Squirrel, Raccoon, Bear, Sparrow, Rabbit, Woodpecker, and Deer gather to share the gifts of new light and life that summer brings.

The Longest Day book cover

The Longest Day by Wendy Pfeffer (Gr. K-4)  
In this book we learn how Earth’s rotation causes the summer solstice and the different ways, both past and present, that different cultures celebrate the sun and the beginning of summer.

Do Not Bring Your Dragon book cover

The Piñata That the Farm Maiden Hung by Samantha R. Vamos Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Last Day of School by Julie Glassman (Gr. K-2)  Dragon loves parties and picnics and playgrounds and is ready to celebrate. But is it smart to bring a dragon to the last day of school? A teacher points out many things that could go wrong if she allows  a student to bring a dragon to school on the last day.  Find out if Dragon gets to join in the fun!

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