Our Story

Donations to Reading Allowed are tax deductible under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code

Our Mission

The mission of Reading Allowed is to provide specialized, structured literacy tutoring to children and adults in the Philadelphia area who struggle to read, write and spell and who do not have the means to access high quality tutoring.

Our Story

I started Reading Allowed because I know in my heart that every struggling student deserves the very best resources that are available regardless of finances. I hold a Master’s in Education and am a Pennsylvania Certified Reading Specialist. I am also a Wilson Reading System® Dyslexia Practitioner and a Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.

I have worked with students of all ages who have struggled to read, write and spell; some of whom have been diagnosed with dyslexia.  I have had the incredible joy of seeing many of these children blossom and make significant gains as a result of receiving appropriate, structured literacy instruction and I have seen how these children flourish when they receive individualized, one-on-one tutoring using a structured literacy approach.

I feel passionately that every struggling reader deserves the best quality, individualized instruction and that financial means should not be a barrier. For this reason I started Reading Allowed.

Reading Allowed works with students who are struggling to read, write and spell, who may or may not have been diagnosed with dyslexia and who would benefit from individualized, structured literacy tutoring.

Why it matters and why it’s urgent

The statistics and this APM article published in September 2018 say it way better than we can:


Approximately 5-17% of the US population displays signs of reading challenges


A disproportionate number of children from poor families who struggle to read end up in the criminal justice system


Common Errors in Sentence Construction

Being in a position to combine a coherent proposal is an important part of any part of formal scientific activity

Errors in the proposal design will not only make reading of your paper difficult, but also significantly reduce your level of respect. To help you ensure that your writing does not contain errors, we have combined a list of the most common grammatical errors, construction bugs, and how to fix them

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Create a Perfect sentence clause

Before we start, we want to take a look at what makes the offer

There must always be a thing-what it is, and verb-what it does. The Phrase that has both, is one of them

It could be as simple as \”Girl jumps.\” In order to make the proposal more specific, other parts of the speech can be added, such as assumptions, apps, adjectives, adjectives, and direct or indirect objects: \”The girl who was on the team easily jumped through the obstacles.\”

A condition that has a subject and a command but is not a complete offering

Many of the errors below did not properly place the blocks in the blocks. The independent conditions must be combined with a conjunction, comma, or semicolon. Dependent clauses are generally attached to independent operators

If two independent statements are combined with a comma, this error is known as a comma. To remove a comma, add a comma (for example,

  • The girl wanted a dog, her brother would like to adopt a cat
  • Both \”girls wanted a dog\”, and \”her brother would like to adopt a cat\”-these are independent provisions, which are full sentences, which means that they cannot be combined with a comma

  • The girl wanted a dog, but her brother would like to adopt a cat
  • The girl wanted a dog; her brother would like to adopt a cat
  • To search for parts in your work, highlight the proposal in your paper, where you split two parts, separated by commas. If both parts alone can be separated, this is a comma

    Independent conditions, separated by no punctuation, are proposals that do not involve punctuation. You can correct them by separating them by using a semicolon or by adding a semicolon

  • Dinner will be ready, we’ll eat in a few minutes
  • Both \”meals are ready\” and \”we will eat in a few minutes\” are independent conditions that can exist as complete proposals, so they cannot be connected without proper punctuation

  • Dinner’s ready. We’ll eat in a few minutes
  • Dinner’s ready, and we’ll be there in a few minutes
  • Dinner’s ready, we’ll eat in a few minutes
  • Offering fragments

    There are conditions that do not have a subject or verb, and therefore they are not complete in their own discretion. They should be rewritten as completed. A sentence fragment can be a dependent condition that can be combined with nearby error sentences

  • Ashley hasn’t arrived yet. The girl who brings the cake
  • The \”girl who brings the cake\” is not a complete offer because it does not have a verb (what the girl who brings the cake?). Because it’s not finished, it has to be rewritten

  • Ashley, the girl who brought the cake hasn’t arrived yet
  • There are a lot of mistakes. If you look closely at her work
  • Once again, \”if you look closely at its work,\” it is not complete. Every proposal with \”if\” should have consequences, that is, if something happens, what happens next?

  • If you look closely at its work, you will see a lot of errors
  • Comma-separated commas in the series

    If three or more elements are joined together, they must be concatenated with commas that follow each element except the last one. A comma before a conjunctive (known as a comma in Oxford or a consecutive comma) is optional: some styled manuals require it, while others allow it to be retained. If the meaning of the proposal was needed, it should be included

  • You should take your flashlight and camera boots
  • You have to bring in, the flashlights, the boots, and the camera
  • The first example skipping the required comma. In the second example, the \”flashlight\” must be preceded by a comma before \”flashlight\”

  • You should bring a flashlight, boots, and a camera
  • You should bring a flashlight, boots, and a camera
  • If there are no keywords, the sentences may be incomplete. The following are examples of words that are not normally used, resulting in error in the structure of the offerings. If you have problems searching for missing words, try the words out loud to see if you can hear errors

  • She opened the oven and took out the bread
  • There are no open-ended articles (a/an/the) in this proposal. In this proposal, \”oven\” and \”bread\” will almost always need one of these articles to make the proposal complete

  • She opened the oven and took out the bread
  • By the time she came to the party, all the food was
  • Assumas are words that describe the spatial or temporal relationship between two things. There is no \”at\” proposal in this proposal, which is almost always associated with the verb \”arrival\”

  • By the time she came to the party, all the food was
  • The direct object receives the action of the command. There is no direct object in the above clause, so the offer is incomplete (what did it give?) -(ALL IN A

  • She gave him the ball
  • Agreement with the verb

    The Grain must be aligned with the subject matter of the proposal. Sentence with several subjects is a common source of error in the agreements with the verb. Collective material (significant, describing a group of people or objects) is another common source of subjective difficulties in the agreement

    The sentence with several \”and\” entities is considered to be multiple

    Subjects that use either/or are not considered to be singular

    When the group acts together, the verb should be single

    A class can have many individuals, but the class acts as a unit

    If the group members are acting individually, the team must be multiple. Here, the team members are counted as individuals

    Modifiers are each and every (for example, every student in a class; every girl in the team) accepts only one verb

    Positive phrases

    A positive phrase is a series of words that modify nouns, but which cannot stand alone as their own proposal. In independent statements, Appositives are added, which means that the original offering is still complete. They must be separated by commas before and after

    The phrase \”doctor in the city hospital\” is a naive phrase that describes the boy’s father. She can’t stand alone. Because he’s inside the full sentence, \”the boy’s father hastled to make sure he was okay,\” he must be separated by a comma

    Train yourself to be grammar

    These are just some of the possible bugs, but there are many other nuances that you should be aware of when you create your own text (as soon as relative conditions are scary!). Just remembering the textbook rules isn’t enough! You have to put theory into practice, constantly develop and build yourself as an expert in writing

    Start by confirming not only your own texts, but all that you’ve noticed around you. Make a habit of reading when you’re going to work because you need an analysis of needs!

    Signs and posters, advertising in the metro, popular and scientific journals, etc. The latter will be particularly useful for you because these log articles use the language you want to implement in your own record. They also relate to the benefits that you can gain. Many things at the beginning of these publications have the most relevant and useful idea of the world of grammar and information about everything you may need! You will be very good at studying these sources

    Imagine that you were polishing the paper and handing it over to your professor, believing it was the most exquisite material he could read in his life, but you still get an evaluation of \”C\”!

    You will easily avoid this with our professional service for the cost of a good dinner! The price for appointment may vary depending on various factors, but you can be sure that the quality will be high-notnoch! It is very important for us that you succeed. We did not hesitate to use the company for students who helped more than ten thousand people-place your order!